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Our company was founded by a group of enthusiasts in the beginning of 2007. At that time, our team consisted of only a couple of workers.

Our first big project was Fido 2.0 social network. We developed the project more than one year long. In June 2008, the social network was released. Fido 2.0 is still supported by our company. We participated actively in project's development till 2010 and added new functional.

Technologies: CMS of the project was developed by us completely. We used native PHP and JavaScript, jQuery (partially; in later modules), without frameworks, for the project. MySQL was chosen as database management system.

php mysql html4 css2 js jquery

In 2009 we started development of Chastnik.org project. This project is intended for people rendering private services and allows them to present their services on the Internet.

The project was finished in 2010. Basically, the site script is written from scratch. We created own CMS-system for the project. Now Chastnik.org is supported by our company; we modify and improve it periodically. Applied technologies: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL.

php mysql html4 css2 js jquery

Another one social network developed by our team is called IdanceNation. The social network was created for the people fond of dances.

The project allows selling and buying of video-lessons, arranging of dance studios, creating own public pages, and adding news for certain groups of users.

The social network is focused on international audience; therefore, the project is written in several languages. The first version was written in Russian and in English.

Applied technologies: Backend: PHP (Zend Framework), Database management system - MySQL, getText was used to make the project multilingual. Front-end: JavaScript (jQuery)

php mysql html4 css2 js jquery zend gettext

One of our largest projects in 2011 was SeoDrom exchange.

It is intended for improvement of efficiency and simplification of work in the sphere of various small website promotion services (SEO, SMO, usability, etc.).

In the summer 2012, the exchange was released and launched. The project is being actively developed and supported by our company.

Applied technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

php mysql html4 css2 js jquery zend gettext

In 2012 we joined a design team developing ERP system for one of the largest Russian machine-building enterprises.

The project included development of the following systems: CRM, Document circulation, Logistics, Budgeting, Inventory accounting, etc. The project was fully integrated with business processes of the enterprise which makes it a real BMP-solution. BPMN language was chosen as business process modelling notation. Bonitasoft served as technological software for support of BPM concept.

Applied technologies: Backend: Java, PostgreSql; Front-end: JavaScript, framework Dojo

In August 2012 we started to develop a project for non-state pension fund, intended for automation of receipt of applications. We created contract form designer which allowed to form complete package of documents with the necessary number of copies of each document and filled data.

As a result, possible mistakes of an operator were minimized, and registration of document package has stepped up. Besides, branches of NSPF were integrated; the system of access rights differentiation at branch levels was introduced.

php mysql html5 css3 js jquery bpmn bonitasoft java postgresql dojo zend gettext

In the summer 2013, we took over two projects from one large IT company. Both projects had a form of package solutions and were systems of business process automation.

We got the projects from the previous team of developers. The projects had similar technological base; the code needed to be improved. Our experts analyzed the projects, revealed lacks, and eliminated them.

We examined the existing code, recorded it and projects' databases. As a result, we developed a new concept of architecture. We managed to find solutions which allowed to implement this concepts with the existing architecture, so that we did not have to rewrite the code.

Now one project is launched and functions faultlessly. The second project is being tested.

Applied technologies: Backend: Php, framework - Yii, database - MySQL, Bonitasoft; Front-end: JavaScript, framework - AngularJS

php mysql html5 css3 js jquery bpmn bonitasoft java postgresql dojo yii angular zend gettext

In 2014 we developed automation system for orders at a pizzeria. We had the following tasks: quicker ordering, possibility for the operator to work with several points, record of order statistics.

Within the project we developed operator interface that minimizes quantity of actions (clicks) for registration of order. The introduced system routes the order to the nearest pizzeria where the filled form is printed using Google cloud print.

The developed solution allowed to reduce time of order registration to 50 seconds. Technologies: Backend: Php, framework - Symfony2, OrM-framework Doctrine2, database MySQL, GoogleCloudPrint. Front-end: JavaScript, framework - AngularJS, Angular Material.

Social network "Antonov sad". The project is aimed to create an information resource for summer residents and people working in gardens and summer cottages. Design and interfaces were developed by the customer.

At the moment, the first version is already launched. Backend: Php, framework - Symfony2, OrM-framework Doctrine2, database MySQL, Front-end: JavaScript, CSS framework - Bootstrap3.

In December 2014, we developed a service-desk, taking into account specificity of the company rendering services in HoReCa sphere.

The system provides interfaces of customer, executor and manager. A simple business process of order registration was introduced. Technologies: Backend: Php, framework - Symfony2, OrM-framework Doctrine2, database MySQL Front-end: JavaScript, CSS framework - Bootstrap3

php mysql html5 css3 js jquery csslint bpmn bonitasoft java postgresql dojo yii angular symfony cloudprint composer gulp doctrine2 boot less bem jshint zend gettext

In the beginning of year we defined the list of technologies we want to develop and implement further: Symfony, Doctrine, AngularJS, HTML5/CSS3.

We marked 3 independent directions: Backend (REST API), Front-end, Markup. Now we can sell these services both separately and as one package.

In the spring 2015 we joined the project of medical clinics automation. The project of the Ukrainian company is a single-page app (Single Page Application). We had to implement REST API of the server. Technologies: Backend: Php, framework - Symfony2, OrM-framework Doctrine2, database MySql. Front-end: JavaScript, framework - AngularJS.

At the same time, we began development of group buying service for our partner from Yekaterinburg. That was a large project with complex business logic and an exact statement of the task. We had to develop backend, front-end, and markup. Applied technologies: Symfony, Doctrine, jQuery. In October, 2015, the first version of the project was launched. At the present, the project develops actively and is supplemented with a new functional.

php mysql postgresql html5 css3 js jquery capistrano angular symfony cloudprint composer gulp doctrine2 boot less bem jshint csslint

In February 2016, we started s large and s very interesting project we were negotiating about half a year. This was a cultural and entertaining complex.

The project was developed on REST architecture. Backend is REST API, based on Symfony. Front-end is based on AngularJS. The project features complex and adaptive markup which ensures correct operation of the website on mobile devices.

At the present, the project is being developed.

php mysql postgresql html5 css3 js jquery capistrano angular symfony cloudprint composer gulp doctrine2 boot less bem jshint csslint